At Fresh Capital we formulate and execute real estate transactions that help partners achieve cash flow and financial objectives and promote efficient use of capital.

Fresh Capital provides advice, execution, and investment management services to partners in buying, selling, investing in, financing, and development to build income producing real estate.

Our custom-tailored solutions are designed to help partners achieve utmost value, mitigate tax burdens, optimize cash flow and accounting treatment, and secure the optimal capital structures that meet our needs.

Fresh Capital provides a full range of real estate financial services. These include the structuring, arranging and/or placement of debt and equity, capital raising, project design and development for single tenant andmulti-tenant building focused on the hospitality industry .

Fresh Capital engages in all major transaction types, including joint venture equity, permanent, bridge and construction financing, and public private partnerships.

Our objective is to provide partners projects to maximize the value of their real estate investments. We providethem options and investment strategies that produce value through the application of market leading advisory services, sophisticated financial strategies and transaction flow.

Through this uniquely specialized skill set, we evaluate all viable options available to our partners in order to identify solutions that minimize cost, maximize value and optimize the financial, accounting and tax implications associated with complex real estate transactions, occupier portfolios, and development strategies.